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15 September 2014 @ 01:37 pm
Ollo, long time, no see.

I'll spare you excuses:

I'm lazy.

I don't have anything important to say.

So I haven't been around.


I haz a tumblr now.

So far, all I have done is post a bunch of colorings, liked a few posts, and stared following a few porny, and sciencey blogs.

But there I am.
23 July 2014 @ 11:12 am
Sharing a funny vid and trying to push down my anxiety to a manageable level.


That end XD
Current Mood: I suck at life
03 June 2014 @ 02:21 pm
Dusting things off and trying to get rid of the cobwebs.

But mostly trying to pull myself out of this depressed funk I've been in.

Pretty soon I'm going to be too busy and too stressed to be anything else. Starting next week work is going to get crazy and stay that way for three months.

Puppy is doing well. Still not 100% percent on that leg but she walks, trots, and can even run on it now. She recently had a birthday party. A couple weeks after her B-day; I put if off until our new backyard fence could be put up. The fence was probably best present. We had a BBQ, and pool (just one of those plastic ones for the dogs), and a makeshift agility course Sawyer and all her friends could run through.

I decided to post to my drabble collection on ffn (and eventually gurabite when I get around to it). Just the few stories I had just on lj. Probably a big mistake. I'm sure such banality is best kept to myself, but I guess they're harmless enough. And I'd like to make my name seen again before I post A Study in Pink, assuming I ever get around to it (though, fuckitall, it would probably just be easier to delete and forget.)

Pony has almost finished shedding. Summer is just around the corner.

Well, that's it for now. Later ^_^
22 May 2014 @ 12:37 pm
Also, where the hell is everything?


No wonder it's so dead around here...

Will try to get over this ugly format an maybe do something with my livejournal sometime soon.
19 May 2014 @ 01:56 pm
Coming out of quiet lurker mode to wish you a swell day and a fantastic upcoming year.

You're awesome, never let anyone tell you otherwise.


Go enjoy the rest of your day and do whatever you want; it's your day♥
19 March 2014 @ 10:58 am
Just so I'm not too depressing, I have something better to share: more manga colorings.

Just a little one though. One of my favorite scenes from Ushi:


Here's the B&W line drawing.

19 COLOR no steam

My coloring.


With a "steam" effect.('cause I couldn't decide which version I liked better)

The shading and water effects are kinda poor. Oh, well. Also, if you look at my other colorings, you can see I've switched up the color palette. I decided to use the colors from Ushi's cover. My previous color palette was from one of Murakami's older illustrations. Whatcha think?

Sorry for the small image size. It's the only scan I have unless I want to scan my own copy in a higher res. And, well, laziness.
19 March 2014 @ 10:32 am
I haven't posted in forever, and unfortunately it's all bad news.

Little Sawyer up there went and got her self hurt. She was playing at the barn with Boulder while I was feeding in the morning. He was running flat out, smacked into her, and wound up breaking her leg (fracture near the femoral head).

A nearly $2000 (I'll never get that new Antares saddle I've been saving up for -_-) surgery later, and it looks like she'll be okay. Vet says she might not be 100% the same, but should have a fully functioning leg to the point where most people won't be able to tell anything ever happened to it.

For now though she's still hobbling around mostly on three legs, but she's staring to use her busted leg.

I may share her x-rays another time.

There's other reasons I haven't been around much, but there's so much shit there it deserves it's own post.
13 February 2014 @ 12:55 pm
So, usually life sucks.


Occasionally you get a free comic book in your breakfast cereal.

04 February 2014 @ 02:51 pm

I haven't posted any fanfiction yet.

Partially because there are so many good ones that I've read over the years that it is hard to decide which ones to rec.

And partially because I figured that if I saved them for the end I could either separate them out into several posts if I ran out of things to post about, or lump them all together if I need to to get everything I want in.

But here we are 2/5ths of the way though this thing, and that is cause for celebration. And what is a party without presents?

These two fics I'm presenting today were written as gift fic for yours truly. (see? I'm capable of a decent lead in. All that rambling wasn't just for the benefit of my carpal tunnel.)


Backstage Pass by ishkhanuhi

After a concert, Hiro bumps into an unlikely “fan” in his dressing room.

An answer to my request for a Hiro/Tatsuha fic. A rare but very hot pairing indeed.

Kumagoro's Comfort by lawless523

Kumagoro greets Tohma in the studio. But why has Ryuichi left him behind?

The result of me being cheeky in a writing meme and suggesting Tohma/Kumagoro. Lawless fortunately took the prompt in a much better direction and wrote this beautiful, if sad, short piece.
01 February 2014 @ 09:31 am
50% Off, by octopimp, is an abridged series of the anime Free! (aka "that swimming anime")

Free! is a pretty cool anime and this fan parody dub is equally awesome.

I'm only embedding the first episode, but the rest are linked above.

Gets even funnier in later episodes. Definitely worth watching.